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Company Policies

Quality Policy

Kingsrød Transport A/S is obligated to deliver service of high quality and be a solid and strong actor within the transport business, and to maintain a profitable growth. Approved equipment will be at disposition at all times, including vehicles of our fully integrated subcontractors.

Our main target is to secure our clients the best service on all levels.

All communication will be based on personal contact, service and accessibility.

All employees will contribute to improve and increase the capacity of the company through targeted action plans and achievements.

Environmental Policy

Kingsrød Transpor AS will in action, always take in consideration the environment, such as no nature or living-being, will be suffering excessively.
We will prevent pollution and avoid damaging the environment beyond regulations, laws and special requirements.

To keep the diesel consumption and pollution down, advanced technology and efficient use of loading capacities will be given priority. The use of energy in all fields will be focused in order to gain possible reductions.

Rest-products and garbage will be disposed or deposited in a secure way.

The choice of subcontractors will be influenced by the above-mentioned criteria.

Through target-setting, motivation and knowledge, we will continue being a company of great participation towards environmental improvements.

Policy for safety, health and security

On assignment for Kingsrød Transport AS, the company will see to the drivers and co-travellers in the best way, according to the company's policy. Drivers and administration will be trained to act professionally in their working environment.

All activity connected to our services, will be brought out within the regulations of the laws.
Good planning creates a safer traffic environment. Checking that the vehicle is in un-spotless condition, the goods are safely loaded, the driver not influenced by drugs and feel in good shape to do the task that is planned. Using seatbelts and extra precaution towards pedestrians, cyclists and especially children.

All employees shall be aware all security-risks, take precautions and report to the management if necessary check-ups. This concerns damaging or theft of our/or clients property, as well as company secrets, infrastructure or equipment.

Through our work in safety, health and security our goal is to keep a good working environment and prevent damages and accidents.

Date of signature / Sarpsborg, March 1, 2013
Roy Kingsrød
Managing director
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