We ship your goods from door to door, throughout Norway. We handle general cargo, partial loads and complete trucks. Our wide range of vehicles ensures an efficient distribution of your goods. With daily transport to and from the largest cities in Norway as well as daily routes throughout Eastern Norway, we are your natural partner in inland transport.


We offer complete transport solutions throughout the Nordic region. Our wide range of vehicles ensures an efficient distribution of your goods. Kingsrød is strategically located in Sarpsborg just off the E6 and with a short distance to the Swedish border.



Our dedicated site managers know every single market in Europe and provide you with a seamless door-to-door shuttle service. Kingsrød caters for all your needs, including customs clearance, documents, project cargo or urgent shipments.


Here you will find an overview of our available transport material with explanations and specifications on load capacity, applications and availability.


If it is to be lifted far, high or heavy we have the necessary equipment. Skilled crane operators perform the job safely and efficiently. Our dedicated crane department is ready to help you.



Kingsrød Transport has for many years handled a wide range of special transports. Regardless of whether the transport is wide, long, heavy or tall, we have vehicles and drivers that handle the need. The cars run in Norway and Europe.


Kingsrød is AEO-certified by the Customs and a complete supplier of customs clearance services. We handle all contact with customs authorities, including setup of necessary export documents. For customs clearance to Norway, we are happy to provide intermediate storage and further distribution of the goods. Our warehouse in Sarpsborg has a customs grant, and for your company it entails a financial advantage in that fees are only paid as the goods are taken out of the warehouse.


Keep your warehouse and distribution center with us. We can provide you with an “all inclusive” service with shipping from Europe and distribution from our warehouse in Sarpsborg. With a central location just off the E6, less than an hour from Oslo, we can relieve a crowded warehouse situation in the Oslo area.

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ETS and MAUT increases.

ETS and MAUT increases.

In 2024 we have to prepare for higher taxes, that will relate to CO2 emissions. Maut and ETS have been mentioned and discussed and will increase radically. The tax will be launched 1.Dec 2023.

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