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Since 1938, Kingsrød has transported goods on Norwegian and European roads with precision and reliability. Today we are Norway’s largest family-owned transport company with over 85,000 annual transport assignments. Our business is based on reliability, accuracy and a personal and very high level of service.



Located in Sarpsborg with offices, workshop and warehouse just off E6 and Svinesund, our highly competent traffic department manages a fleet of about 450 trucks in Norway and Europe. We offer complete transport solutions where we handle documents, customs, storage and distribution for our highly valued customers.


regular contacts who handle your requests. This ensures you as a customer a personal and professional follow-up that you will not find anywhere else.


Our vision

Kingsrød – we go the extra mile – best in the industry on personal service and availability”

Our future lies in being the preferred quality supplier with a responsibility for the common environment and with the benefit of a small business.

Sarpsborg, 11. januar 2022 RK/JTH

Quality and Environment

Quality and environmental awareness are a matter of course for us and we were among the first transport companies in the country to be certified by Veritas. In 1994, we were quality-certified through ISO 9001 and in the year 2000 on the environmental side with ISO 14001

We are certified through ISO 14001 on the environmental side. This means that we have an established environmental management system in the company and carry out strict control of the consumption of raw materials and energy in our daily work.

At Kingsrød we take environmental challenges seriously. We do everything we can to reduce the negative impact our business has on our planet. Our drivers are among the best in Norway to drive efficiently and cost-effectively. This has a significant impact on our greenhouse gas emissions. Since the start of our efforts, we have reduced our CO2 emissions by over 1100 tonnes. This is one and only thanks to our very capable drivers.

We always use up-to-date and modern materials with a focus on minimal emissions and increased safety in our transport operations. We believe that technology will be an important factor in our environmental efforts in the future and have continuous testing and assessment of new fuel and engine alternatives in our fleet.

Our commitment to the environment must be an ongoing effort for the future. Proof of good and responsible business ethics at Kingsrød.

It started in 1938 with a handcart with steel wheels. “We didn’t have much to help us get the job done. I remember that after half a year I had to replace the steel wheels with rubber wheels, and that was a big improvement, “Johs Kingsrød said.

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