We have great compassion for everyone affected by the situation as a result of the corona virus, whether health related or financial.

Our community has identified the heroes that we are totally dependent on. These include health professionals, cleaning staff, shop staff and not least the truck drivers.

Being a major transport operator, we have always been aware of the value of those behind the wheel and of those who ensure that trade and supply can take place within the framework we all expect. We want you to know that we do what we can to ensure that everyone has a safe working environment and at the same time does not pose a risk to others and being able to maintain the important chain of supply and logistics.

Our employees are informed of our expectations regarding hygiene and distance to others. Cab cleaning is performed often, and always between driver changes. Several pairs of gloves should be used for different activities. Contact between drivers and other employees and other contact points is limited to a minimum. This applies at our head office, warehouse/terminal, pick-up points and delivery points. Exchange of papers is done with care.

When it comes to those of our employees who work administratively, the same routines are followed with distance and hygiene in addition to having a home office for some. We ensure the availability of our customers. You will always be able to reach us. Transport is to a small extent affected by the measures taken to limit the coronary infection, but border crossing can take longer than usual. We also find that some areas have low or completely stopped activity. This can affect the transport service, but so far the main rule is that all transport goes about as expected.

On our website you will easily find the right contact for the different regions of Norway and Europe if you have questions about a specific area.

We wish you all well in this difficult time,

With best regards
Jon Trygve Hagen
Managing director